My business partner bought Macclesfield on Rightmove during a night out!


Speaking exclusively on Planet Sport Bet’s podcast On Another Planet, a new weekly show where Savage is joined by Emma Jones to discuss the biggest talking points from the world of football, the ex-Premier League star said: “My business partner, Rob [Smethurst], was on a night out and brought Macclesfield on Rightmove after a few drinks.


“He rung me up and told me and I was in total shock. I think it cost him about £400,000, and he’s £4.5million into the club since.”

Macclesfield has made me feel wanted again

Savage went on to discuss his time so far as Director of Football at Macclesfield and how it’s a role that has made him feel ‘wanted again’ – something he wasn’t sure would happen after he retired from playing.


“I had no interest at all in getting involved in being a director of football and it took quite a lot of persuasion,” Savage said.

“I’ve learnt so much already and I’m really happy I took it on. There are so many facets to running a football club and it’s been a whirlwind few months. It’s been brilliant, emotional, and entertaining all in one.


“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after playing and this gives me an opportunity to still be involved in football. The first morning I stepped out of bed having retired was a weird feeling. It’s almost one of not being wanted and all the emotions that go through your head are quite hard to deal with.


“I thought being part of a group was gone and that wasn’t good for me because I’m quite insecure and I do worry about a lot of things.

“This job has given me an opportunity to be part of a football club again and all the emotions I was used to as a player, I get at Macclesfield. I’ve got that feeling of being wanted again and that is far more important than money.”


Manchester United ‘5-10 years off Liverpool and City’s level’

The ex-Premier League midfielder was also quizzed on Manchester United’s continual struggles and after another poor performance, Savage believes the Red Devils are “5-10 years off’ the level of title contenders Liverpool and Manchester City.


“Manchester United are very individual and I don’t see them as a collective in the way they play,” Savage added. “Erik ten Hag was magnificent last season and he deserved all the credit he was given, but this season it’s been a real struggle.


“The recruitment hasn’t been right and some of the players look a long way off it. You look at the form table – they are 17th – that’s not good enough. Yes, they’ve had injuries but I don’t think it’s an excuse. You look at the team against Spurs and I actually don’t think that many of them would get in the first-choice side, bar Luke Shaw and maybe Casemiro.


“United fans will only be truly happy when they are competing for those major honours again and the facts of the matter are that they are a million miles off that. People said Liverpool were in a transition with that new midfield and look where they are. Manchester United are, I’d say, 5-10 years off that sort of level. The likes of Liverpool and Manchester City are on another planet.


“We used to always talk about Manchester United because of who they are and the size of the club. It was almost by default that we’d talk about them, but it’s almost getting to the point now when they are just another club. If they keep going the way they are, they certainly will be.”


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